Altar Reflections With Snow The Witch

About The Author

Hello my witchy and witch-curious friends!
My name is Snow. I am a witch in my mid-thirties living in South Texas with my husband
and two cats- Mogwai & Lucy. And at the time of writing this, I am currently nine months
pregnant with my first child!

I am a Cancer Sun (representin that hermit life), a Virgo Moon (queen list maker) and
Aquarius Ascendent (hello detachment, my old friend).

I have been a practicing witch since I was thirteen and bought my first witchcraft book-
Scott Cunningham’s Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. However, about six years ago I stopped identifying as Wiccan and simply started calling myself a witch. No shade
toward the Wiccan practice. It was incredibly fulfilling for me all throughout my teens and
twenties, but as I got older I began to feel disconnected and confined by its structure so I
threw out the “rule book” and started from scratch. These past six years have been about
redefining my practice from a place of true authenticity and getting back to my roots.
I come from a lineage of Curanderismo- a healing tradition of Mexican folk magick which is a
gift that has been passed on to certain women in my family over the generations. My
grandma is a curandera, just as her grandmother was before her- and when I was about
seven years old I was told about my own gift. I’m not sure how far back this gift runs in our
family and I’m not sure I’ve earned the right to call myself a curandera just yet- but this
healing essence of curanderismo which runs through my veins, is definitely an undercurrent
of my spirituality.

My practice, like myself, is ever-evolving. Every opinion I share is my own and in no way
intend to tell you how to practice your Craft. I also feel it important to clarify that I don’t consider
myself a teacher. I am, and forever will be- a student of the Craft. But through my own study and
self-discovery, I simply hope to inspire you to find your own true authentic path based on your
inner truths.

I encourage you to take what you’d like and leave the rest behind.
With lots of love,
Snow the Witch