• Lizzy MoonStone

    "I have to say I love being a part of Sabbath social. I have met some wonderful people and some have become my best friends and chosen family. I love the in person events. The classes I have taken have been so fun and informative. I have previously been in a coven and have been solitary and I get great support and interaction with such amazing people in sabbath social and we all respect each other’s differences and celebrate each others individuality  and find things in common as well. it is so refreshing! I am so happy to be involved with such a great diverse group of magical humans!!"

  • Kim MoonWhisperer

    "Sabbath Social has enriched my life so much, friendships made, fun YouTube content, classes,book club, witchy blogs on all type of subjects and so much more for members. But my absolute favorite are the meet ups! I have been able to go on so many new adventures with like minded people and friends. So grateful for Raven and BlueNightt for making Sabbath Social possible ✨"

  • 394 Questions

    "Sabbath social isn’t just an online community of like minded individuals, but I consider many members part of my found family. I look forward to all the lives throughout the month. My personal favorite js Drunken Divinations, where I can get a sassy reading from Bluenightts deck, and batter with a tipsy Goatfish through the comments."

    "The discord is also my favorite member feature that js provided when you sign up. My favorite board has to be the “kitchen witchery” I personally post multiple times a week on what I’ve been cooking and ask questions to other practicer."

  • Aimee

    "Sabbath Social is a great group of people, that see the world a bit differently than most. It's a community of people who want to learn and expand their craft in a, supportive and fun environment. I'm so happy to have discovered this group of amazing people."

  • Aren

    "One of my favorite things about Sabbath Social is the diversity, both of people, practices, and content. As someone who grew up in an extremely diverse neighborhood, I always find it comforting when I find a community that's diverse. I also love how natural and authentic they go about bringing it to the community. It doesn't seem forced and it doesn't give try hard energy. The founders really make an effort (and are succeeding in my opinion) to make Sabbath Social a safe space. It's been one year since I decided to become a member, and I can honestly say that I don't regret it."

  • Bijan

    "There are very few people and places that can walk their talk — especially in the spiritual community. Sabbath Social is one of them. Gate keeping, practice shaming, and ego do not exist here. To be truly honest, I was enthusiastic but nervous when I first came to Sabbath Social; I had had so many toxic experiences within the spiritual community that I kept mainly to myself and close friends and family when it came to learning and sharing different spiritual practices. But I can proudly, confidently, honestly say: everyone treats each other with respect, in all things and all ways. I have felt nothing but love, support, and encouragement from everyone here in Sabbath Social and it has done so much to help heal the wounds I had from the past."

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