Servitors for Fitness Witchcraft

Servitors for Fitness Witchcraft

So let’s talk- servitors

I’m going to be honest. I’ve never really put much thought into servitors. Perhaps it’s because I misunderstood their purpose. I didn’t like the idea of creating this entity and unleashing them into the Universe without any control of what they’d become. It turns out the entire lifespan and actions of a servitor is laid out at the point of creation. 

Let me explain. 

What is a servitor?

A magickal entity created to carry out a specific duty. They do not have emotion or a mind of their own. Some magicians view servitors as a thought form or a piece of your own psyche which can be reigned in and assigned a job. Others view it as a simple entity meant to complete a task, and once completed the relationship is done. I view it as both. 

How to Create a Servitor

I highly recommend watching Ivy the Occultist video on servitors. She goes through the entire process in great detail which inspired me to add this element into my Body Magick practice. Below is my intention with my particular servitor. Everybody’s fitness and wellness goals are different so if you decide to create a servitor for this purpose, I urge you to really take your time in creating it. Dig deep and ask yourself the questions below.

  • Purpose- What is the purpose of my servitor?
  • My servitor’s job is to help me lose my postpartum weight.

  • Powers- What powers would I like my servitor to have to complete this task?
  • Its skill set involves a) giving me the energy needed to workout, b) help curb my appetite c) balance my hormones and d) maintain my determination to remain consistent. 

  • Lifespan- What is the lifespan of your servitor?
  • This varies based on your intention. My servitor’s lifespan is dictated by how long it takes for me to lose the postpartum weight. Once the job assignment is done, the servitor’s energy is recycled back into myself and the Universe. Now I can create a new servitor to maintain my healthier lifestyle should I feel the need.

  • Appearance- What does my servitor look like?
  • There are a few aspects about this servitor which I’m choosing to keep secret, such as its appearance and name. But designing the appearance of a servitor is an important step because it provides the mind with a visualization and embodiment. 

  • Name- Give your servitor a name.
  • Ivy made a good point in her video about the servitor’s name. A large aspect of this kind of magick is psychology. Avoid using names which have a negative connotation for your mind. Try to come up with a name which inspires feelings of wellness. 

  • Activation Code- How will you summon your servitor?
  • My servitor’s purpose is focused more on the physical realm, the way in which I chose to summon it involves a specific action which I can use before each workout.

  • Sustenance- How will I “feed” my servitor?
  • This is where my personal preferences come into play. I’ve never been too keen on “offerings”. It just felt a little too religious and subservient for my comfort level. Instead, I like to view this as feeding my intention. Simply showing up for my workouts or choosing healthier, more nutritious foods is my way of feeding my servitor. The same can be said for the energy raised during my workouts whether it be a high intensity exercise or the flow released during yoga. 

  • Location- Where will I “house” my servitor?
  • This is a place I will house my servitor sigil and objects of power such as a picture of me when I felt my healthiest. Again, it’s home could be more mental or emotional in residence but I have chosen to pull it into the physical realm with an actual “place”. 

  • Fatal Flaw- How will I end the servitor? 
  • This is your fail-safe if things go awry with your servitor or if your servitor has served its purpose and is ready to be released. It’s a complex combination of words and action so you don’t accidentally end your servitor unintentionally. Again, I’m choosing to keep this part private but the purpose is to make it as specific as possible and only use it when you want to pull the plug. 

  • The Sigil- Create a Sigil & Activate
  • Create a sigil using your servitor’s name or intention and activate it. There are many ways to create a sigil and again, the wonderfully thorough Ivy has a video on exactly how to do that. 

    Do you work with servitors? What has been your experience with them? Let me know in the comments below!

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