Baby Friendly Witchery

Baby Friendly Witchery

I think I might be on my way out of the new mommy zombie-mode phase.

*crossing my fingers*

My baby girl is almost ten months old and is just now beginning to sleep better, with only one or two wakings overnight.

I can feel myself coming alive again. We’re transitioning out of survival mode and now I feel like I can finally dive into my 2023 Witchy Goals.

The main ones I want to incorporate are those that involve Baby Friendly Witchery. I had high hopes in the ambitious glow of my pregnancy- that I would be a Mexican version of The Good Witch. I’d have my little daily rituals and witchy spaces to ground and recharge.

Ahhh the delusions of pre-motherhood lol

Now that I know the reality of motherhood- I have more realistic expectations of what it means to be a witchy mom. It doesn’t have to look like The Good Witch. My environment doesn’t have to be the perfectly curated witchy sanctuary that I used to enjoy. The witchery is in my spirit, in my mind and in my heart. In fact, even though it’s less glamorous, it’s more valuable to me because now I’m sharing it with my daughter.

My baby loves rattles- anything that makes a racket. While pregnant, I browsed Etsy looking for a beautiful handcrafted baby rattle made of oak and rawhide by a Native American artist- and to be honest, I’ll probably still purchase one. But for now her pink plastic rattle from Walmart is doing just fine.

I am not a singer by any means. But it’s true what they say- babies love to hear their mommas sing to them. Occasionally I’ll sing the classic nursery rhymes like the Itsy Bitsy Spider or Patty Cake, but in the middle of a full on meltdown the only thing that’ll calm her down is a nursery rhyme I make up on the fly. It’s usually short, sweet and keeps a steady repetitive beat- much like a pagan chant. It dawned on me that this is the same formula we use to build and focus energy. And babies are especially attune to these energetic subtleties.

I’m Curanderismo, Sobadores use sobada (massage) to heal the body. It’s a practice which treats the spiritual and physical body as a whole through the power of healing touch. Infant massage is particularly spiritual because it nurtures the divine bond between mother and child. There are plenty of videos online which go over the benefits of infant massage and specific techniques for such things as constipation and teething. I recommend coconut oil as it is edible and absorbs easily into the skin. Just remember to be very gentle and follow your baby’s cues. These practices are just a few of what I will be incorporating into my daily life with baby girl. Do you have any baby friendly witchery ideas? Please share in the comment section below. I’d love to give them a try!

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