My Witchy Wellness Obsessions

My Witchy Wellness Obsessions

My Body Magick Obsessions
When I began this Body Magick journey I scoured the internet searching for anything and
everything to do with fitness witchcraft. Along the way I’ve stumbled upon some amazing
creators who’ve inspired my practice and have helped to keep me motivated. Here are a couple
of my favorites plus a few ways I’m upgrading my Body Magick game.
Witchy Wellness with Em
I found Emily Flood through her TikTok @emyogi_fit under the hashtag #fitnesswitch. She is a
Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset Coach and eclectic witch who- in my opinion, has cornered the
market on body magick and fitness witchery. She offers so much free content from her social
media presence on Instagram and TikTok, to her Fitness Coven Discord, to her Facebook
Group and my personal favorite- her binge-worthy podcast Witchy Wellness with Em. But if
you’re looking for more in-depth assistance, she offers coaching programs to help powerhouse
women lose weight, build strength and crush their career + business goals. My favorite thing
about Emily is how down-to-earth she is. The community she’s cultivated is so welcoming and
supportive of each other. I definitely recommend checking out all of her links for some serious
fitness witch inspiration.
Cissy from Nansera Wellness on YouTube
Okay, I love this woman! She is such a talented yoga instructor. Her energy is so sweet and
comforting. I found her on my journey to correct my posture. After a year of hunching over my
baby, I’ve really closed off my chest. My favorite pose to open it back up again is Sukhasana
Cactus Arms- which strengthens the back by pinching the shoulder blades together. It’s one of
those poses that hurts in a good way. And Cissy’s gentle encouragement keeps me coming
back for more. I highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel, especially if you’re a
yoga novice and want some easy to follow instruction.
Kettlebell Magick
I’m in love with kettlebell workouts! The weight of it feels very grounding and there’s palpable air
energy being raised with movements like kettlebell swings and upright row burpees. I’ve
recently upgraded my kettlebell to cast iron which offers a tenacious and powerful Mars
energetic. It’s traditionally the metal of the warrior and assists in strength building- not only
physically but mentally as well. I’m excited to experiment with sigil magick by drawing a
combination of symbols on the kettlebell for added power and intention.
Sound Magick with Music
It’s amazing what sound magick can do to trigger a specific alignment in the mind. When I first
started working out, I would just listen to the instructions of the YouTube video I was watching.
But now that I’m used to performing those exercises on my own, I’ve started listening to music
instead. The rhythm, the beat, the power in the vocals- they all add to my workout. I didn’t
realize how stiff I had become until I started listening to music again and felt my body wanting to
dance- but it seemed so awkward to do so. It took me a while to shake off the cobwebs and just
move with the music. My body wasn’t being guided by a yoga session or a fitness instructor. It

was moving based on intuition and emotion. I found this to be a beautiful blend of air and water
The further I get on this journey, I’m finding myself truly falling in love with fitness. Before I used
to workout because I felt I had to, not because I really wanted to. The key is to find aspects of
fitness which sparks the magick within and just go with it.


Witchy Wellness with Em
Nansera Wellness

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