Folk Magickal or Modern Witchcraft?

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A little about myself. My name is Meladee but everyone knows me as Desert Siren. I've always loved magick ever since childhood. At a very young age I collected rocks/crystals (I think we all did) just because they were pretty. But I became totally engulfed when I found out they did things. Same with incense, candle colors and flower language.And lets not forget my favorite  zodiac/horoscopes, I think I was the only elementary school kid who would ask everyone what their sign was. Of course these kids had no idea what I was talking about, but I did. 

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At 15 I started looking into books and reading about the craft but being raised in a Christian based household I held back as I thought I was doing wrong. So not till I was 22 and I found "To Ride a Silver Broomstick '' at a local book store and it just filled me up with excitement cause as I read it I felt like I wrote it because everything being said was exactly how I felt. So after a few years of reading, studying and practicing I finally felt comfortable at 24 years old to say I AM A WITCH! Of course I got a lot of grief over it but held strong and here I am at 49 still loving my path and the choice I made.

After doing a lot of research within my family line turns out I come from multiple healers which we call Curanderos. Going as far back to the early 1800s. Also found out one of my grandmothers who was Pueblo Native was a medicine woman for her tribe but also known as a witch. She would interpret dreams and communicate with spirits. This was so exciting for me to learn because here I thought I was the odd black sheep of our entire family line so to see in actual documents that I come from a long line of magickal people made me feel more comfortable and confident in who I am.

So just your average magickal witchy domestic Goddess, here to help you with your chosen path. Hope you enjoy my content and your time here.

Blessed Be )O(