From Abuelas Magickal Kitchen to Fast Food

From Abuelas Magickal Kitchen to Fast Food

From Abuelas Magickal Kitchen to Fast Food

Well folks it's that time of year again where we start planning and prepping for the upcoming holiday food feasts. Mixing up our family traditional dishes or trying out some of our own new recipes. 

All the magickal properties that the spices, herbs, fruits, veggies and even meats hold gives us a great playground for spellwork.

So what part of your kitchen feast is old magick and what part is new? For me personally one of my latest favorite things to do in kitchen spellwork is using the food grade magic marker. Writing spells or sigils on a bay leaf or pastries is so fun for me. Along with my wooden witchy kitchen spoons with Rune work on them makes me feel oh so witchy. But what else??

Of course using various animal parts for spellwork is an old tradition in many cultures (including my own) but not really for consuming or giving to yourself or family. But recently I ran across some social media videos on doing divination and such with their fast food.

To me this was genius cause we may need to do our magick anywhere and at any time. A lot of the time when it is called for we can't run home to our altar or witchy rooms for necessary items so we have to learn to use what is near or in front of us at any particular time. 

Personally, me and my girls have been known to use the pizza chile packets for ummm many reasons. To spice up a date or to burn someones a**, and even for protection. Same goes for salt and pepper packets, so many uses. 

What else? Shall we look at our food orders for images and such for divination or yes/no questions? Yup it can be done. Just gotta think out of the box.

So for these upcoming holiday dinners or if you're eating out what are you going to cast? Let us know and let's learn some food/kitchen magick together. 

Blessed Be

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