Mi Familias Healing Traditions

Mi Familias Healing Traditions

Throughout my past vlogs and blogs this one will be a bit different. I'll still share some family taught traditions I have learned over the years that have not changed with time, which keeps them the same all these years. You know what they say, "Don't fix what ain't broke."

It's that time of year again where our children are back in school, autumn is upon us, winter not far behind, and we face the not-so-fun cold and flu season. Especially with the kiddos being around so many germy germ-filled classmates it seems my family and I all must share the crud that my daughter brings home. 

I know we all have our family healing recipes or things that were taught to us and now with social media there's so many tips, tricks, and ideas out there to help us heal faster and/or avoid getting sick altogether. So here's just a few things I saw my mother do, which she learned from her parents.

First thing, which I absolutely refuse to do, is ONIONS!!! Yup, my grandmother swore up and down that eating raw onion will keep you well and never get sick. I mean, this woman ate those things like freaking apples. Just chewing them up. Yuck.....I hate the taste of onions, and it's so hard with Mexican and New Mexican cooking cause that's a big ingredient in all recipes. I never saw her sick and she had 8 kids! Still, I refuse to even try such a method.

Next thing on her must eat list was crushed raw garlic in honey. A tablespoon, or any size you like, really, then down the hatch at least once a day. I do this just sometimes because even with honey, garlic is strong!!!!

My new tradition for keeping well is fire cider. There are many many recipes online, but I use what I can find locally. That does work wonders and isn't too hard to get down. However I noticed once I ran out, BOOM, I got sick. So it's definitely time to make more.

For a fever, I swear by this one, and even my oldest uses this in her home. Wash a potato, cut into thick slices and soak in vinegar. It's good to just keep some ready in the fridge as they do need time to soak up the vinegar. Then place a few slices on your forehead and wrap with a cloth to keep them in place. Keep till they are dried up and you'll notice your fever reduced drastically. 

I love this one as us kids would laugh at our grandparents while watching them do this. To remove toxins from your body, get onion slices and place them on the bottom of your feet wrapped in cabbage. Keep on for at least 30 minutes but preferably overnight. Now I'll be honest I've only done this once for a few hours and all I can say is I felt hungry after. Did it work? I like to think it did.

I can go on and on with family remedies for upset stomach, relief for hangovers, burns and much more but I just wanted to highlight some of the cold and flu things we do around here. Please get checked by a medical professional first, then feel free to try anything I listed and try your own out and see how it works for you.

Hope you all enjoyed this little blurb of my family's weirdness in healing and you all stay healthy and safe this season.

Many Blessings......

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