An Ancient Tradition Becoming A New Tradition

An Ancient Tradition Becoming A New Tradition

Yes you read that title correctly. Throughout my witchy learning from my family on both parents' sides, there was one tradition I never knew or heard of, but was ancient and very popular. Honoring our past loved ones and ancestors. Yes, I’m speaking of Dia De Los Muertos.

What?! How is this possible in a Mexican family? Well I’m guessing being white washed a.k.a colonizer syndrome. Speaking of the dead was frowned upon in my moms’ family. It would make some family members cry or angry. So the idea of putting pictures, belongings or any type of remembrance or such was absolutely out of the question.

When I would ask questions about our family ancestors I would get remarks like “Leave them alone, they are resting from this horrible life.” or “They can't help you. They are dead.” or the famous one of “Why do you insist on hurting your family by saying their name?”  All of these made me feel like a bad person growing up so asking questions or honoring deceased loved ones just didn't happen. 

In fact so much so that I never knew Day of the Dead even existed until I was 16! Where did I learn it from? My Romanian friend who celebrated. I was totally blown away. I know how very sad this little girl with Indigenous Mexican roots never knew this precious holiday. 

Even on the Pueblo and Reservation, death is frowned upon. So bringing up your loved ones that died just isn't done. The Old tradition is to get rid of all their belongings i.e. home, animals, pictures, clothes etc. because it tied their spirit to the human world and they needed to go to the spirit realm. Of course in this day and age material items with value are now kept and passed on to surviving family members. Back in the day things used to be burned down and then built new upon their land.

I know this is a different blog as my past entries have been about my old family teachings and how I modernize them and use them in my practice today. For this one I kept it as traditional as possible as it's still fairly new to me and my family as well as my existence.

So this Samhain and Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) honor your loved ones. Those known and unknown. Whether an ancient belief or new practice, enjoy this time of year. The veil is thin. Your family and friends want to hear from you and be shown some love. 

Many Blessings……

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