Our common experience is that people in relationships gravitate to safe ways of engaging with others.

To do this requires the establishment of guidelines that everyone can embrace and honor. These guidelines lay out specifically how we are going to connect with one another, both online and in person,

to honor confidential conversations, encourage open and honest dialogue, and commit to speaking individual truths. Every community has a culture, and we feel strongly about the things we encourage and the things we discourage – and they all stem from our core values:

In this community we believe:

Kindness is Everything

Magic is Real

People are responsible for what they do, what they say and what they commit to

Love Is LOVE

Black Lives Matter

Age is just a number (and it’s 18 and up, 21 if partaking in alcoholic beverages)

Everyone has a seat at the table

Every path, journey and practice is valid

We are ALL equals

Bullies and gossips are not welcome - Don't start none.

Things we encourage and support . . .Questions We don’t think that there is any community question that is too obvious to ask. Often the simplest question is the most profound. Questions are triggers for others to share what they know – which they might not realize they know. If there is something you are curious about, pondering, don’t understand or what to hear from a peer – ask!Ideas! Ideas are great things. Sometimes they spark intense conversations and actions. Sometimes they fall flat. You never know until you share them. Go for it! We encourage event and content suggestions.Support!Our Community is meant to support you in your path and practice without judgment and we encourage you to support each other as well! So let someone know you appreciate them, their ideas or perspectives. That peer validation means the world to people.Challenges! We grow and learn and do our best when people challenge us to do so – in supportive ways. That may mean sharing a difference of opinion or experience. That may mean encouraging someone to do better because they can. That may be disagreeing – respectfully – with their ideas. You can do this in a supportive, comfortable way by prefacing an opinion with ‘In my experience...’ or ‘... has worked well for me’ or ‘I feel like...’ which leaves room for others to have different points of view.Participation!input and feedback and getting involved. Don’t see the blog post about the topic you’re looking for? Think the community needs a different type of event? Well don’t just stare... make it happen! If you feel strongly about something . . . do something about it. Reach out to us via email and let’s discuss! We are always in need of volunteers at our in-person events. It is a great way to meet others and help our community.Things we will not tolerate . . .Attacks.We have a low tolerance for attacking or singling out people by name for criticism (whether community members or not). We’ll give you one strike for this type of thing and then, goodbye. While we encourage challenging each other, that is best done from a supportive vs critical position. If you feel attacked, please let us know.Pitches, personal sales of goods and services.There can be a fine line between helping someone answer a question and pitching them on a solution/ service, but we can all tell an obvious pitch when we see one. Don’t do it. This is a place about exploring, finding information, and understanding options. We will not tolerate selling or advertising unauthorized goods, events or services. If you want to partner with us on an event and think your goods or services would be a good fit, then reach out to us privately via email and let’s talk. Any public posts without authorization will be removed and you will get one warning.Check yourself before you wreck yourself! You know full well when you are looking for solutions to an issue or if you are looking for a fight. Check your energy !!! If you are in a bad way, take time to ground yourself and do some self care before engaging.NO Whining, Fundraisers or bringing down community morale. We are all going through something in our personal lives. This community is about pagan learning, engagement and celebration. Sabbath Social will partner with certain charities throughout the year to support. This is not a forum for personal fundraisers.

We are not counselors. It’s perfectly acceptable to let others know you are going through something, but not ok to

transfer negative energy to others. Other social platforms thrive on that type of thing, but here it will not be tolerated. Spread the love not the drama! There will be a section for members to hold space for each other. This is a great way to ask for what you need without overwhelming others with low energy.

Violating Trust. This is a private community and as such, the members have an expectation of privacy. The content and discussions within the community are intended to be kept within the community. It’s always best to ask for consent to share a story from another member, ask for content to take or post a picture of someone else. 

HAVING A BLAST AT AN EVENT? Want to share your magical time on social media? That’s awesome!!!! We would love for you to tag us. We are on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact us directly.

Arguments and Naming Names. We encourage members to act like adults and try to resolve disagreements on their own. If a problem with another member arises,Walk away or remove yourself from the argument.DO NOT post anything publicly about the situation. It serves no one and makes everything worse.After you are calm, go to the person privately and discuss the issue. They may need time to process...so allow them to do so.If you were wrong, say you’re wrong and apologize.Try to find a time to come back to the issue to resolve it.If you have tried to resolve the conflict on your own and have gotten nowhere, you have a choice to no longer engage with that person further. We are all entitled to our own opinions and not everyone is meant to be friends. BUT we will expect you to treat that person with respect as a fellow practitioner regardless of a difference of opinion.If you have tried absolutely everything and the conflict has grown to a level that you need help, submit a “Someone acting like a fool- Investigation form” found in our “contact us” section. We will try our best to investigate the issue and possibly mediate the conflict. This means we may need receipts or screen shots of any frowned upon behavior.False accusations will also not be tolerated. Time and energy is valuable.

Our goal is for everyone to be respectful. The purpose is to act community minded- not small minded.

The Rules of Engagement

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