Lets Make a BOS!

Join BlueNightt as he teaches you how to construct your very own Book of Shadows, Grimoire, or Journal! You will learn where to get the materials, how to construct the book, and use it all from the comfort of your own home! This event is also a Free Members Event!

Lets Get Started

Brigid's Cross

Join Bexar as he walks us through how to make Brigid's Cross just in time for the Imbolc season!

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Coming Soon!

-Virtual and in-person workshops posted as they become available in 2023

coming soon:

-Besom Making

-Intention Candle Making

-Wand Creation

-Bone Throwing Kit Creation


-Magical Foraging

-Wiches Dance

And so much more ! Stay tuned!

Previous Workshops and Study Groups

Runes with GoatFish & Scarlett

Join GoatFish & Scarlett in January, February & March as they learn side by side with you in the study of reading Nordic runes! Each week we have a zoom meeting discussing each rune and how it can be read! This study group will be going from January to April and you can join at any time! This is a Sabbath Social Member Exclusive! Please click the link below to write your RSVP!

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365 Goddess Study

Jan 2023 - Jan 2024 join us as we read the 365 Goddess book by Patricia Telesco and form our own study and discussion group for 7 Goddesses a week! This is a Sabbath Social Member Exclusive! Please RSVP below to be included! We will be taking Members till the end of May.

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