Tams Tips: Ostara

Tams Tips: Ostara

Also known as “The Witches’ Easter,” and by other names: the Sabbat of Ostara is typically celebrated from March 20th to the 22nd.  Spring has officially sprung, and not a moment too soon! For those who have been tending the internal light rekindled at Imbolc, by now has manifested an impatient blaze!

Like the Ancestors before us, at this point in the year we look forward to shaking off the darkness and the cold. Both within and without, we hungrily search nature for any and all signs of life and rebirth—be it in remembering to turn back the clocks, choosing spring wardrobes, watching butterflies—or noticing warning signs for baby rattlesnakes in the area. 

It seems like just about everyone is in some kind of transition currently. Fitting, as Ostara is not only the Spring Equinox, but a threshold between the light half and the dark half of the mundane world, death and new life, chill and warmth, and letting go vs. ringing in. By the way, if you’re not in some kind of transition, that’s okay and just as valid. Perhaps you have less work to do on yourself than the rest of us. 

You can easily crack open a book or jump on the internet to learn about the gods associated with Ostara. In the interest of space, I’d rather focus on the common symbols of the Sabbat. Lambs represent purity and gentleness, rabbits remind us of rebirth and to get hoping’ on our goals. Butterflies show us that we can always evolve into brighter and better versions of ourselves. But the most popular, is the egg!

Eggs are like seeds—both in shape and in design. Solid yet fragile on the outside, they contain the magick of new life and untapped potential within. Pagans have been decorating eggs (especially at Ostara) for centuries, often marking them with special symbols and decorations. And/or coloring them with a multitude of colors. All ancient forms of Color Magick. 

Like a candle or other Craft tool, it has been long believed that whatever you put on an egg’s shell, will imbue it with power and intentions. And the act of eating the egg therefore transfers that power and potential from outside into you. (That old, “You are what you eat,” adage.) So if you are planning to decorate eggs this Sabbat, enjoy! But maybe be a little more mindful of what you’re imprinting. 

Like an Egg Hunt, for some Ostara is a time of discovery and excitement. It’s the perfect time for reinventing the self, so walk confidently into the world (or at least your community) with a refreshed outlook on life! 

For others, this may be a time of great frustration. Not ready to come out from the shadows? Has the dark and stillness of winter become a bit to comfy? Putting off goals or just can’t bring yourself to “Spring Clean?” 

Still others may feel like they have a bit of each on their proverbial plate. Wherever you stand, all I ask is that you give honesty and honor to YOUR truth, and move accordingly. The seasons with continue to come and go. Your path, is your responsibility. 

Want a fun idea for honoring Ostara? Grab some plastic eggs (nothing expensive, just quality enough to close firmly). Then find some of your favorite motivational quotes and write them on slips of paper (I type mine up and cut them into slips). Put one slip into each egg and add a tumbled stone or a piece of candy. Close firmly and seal with tape if needed. Store the eggs in a basket and as spring rolls along, pick an egg whenever you need a boost of motivation. Or, hide them about and discover them. Or share them with others (just make sure the message is age appropriate) and spread a little joy and motivation. 

As always, I hope my tips help you but remember that there’s more than one way to witch! May the return of the light half of the year bring you growth and a renewed sense of direction and purpose! Cut and clear and make way for new opportunities! 

Don’t forget to visit the Discord, send me your questions, and tune into the next live for more inspiration! 

Until next time, Bright Blessings!


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I really liked the eggs with motivational quotes and crystals! Will be definitely doing this with my Coven next year- ✨

Moon Whisper

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