Blackford County Hospital

Blackford County Hospital

Hi everyone! I wanted to share this blog with you about some investigations that took place at a location. I have investigated this place about seven or eight times. This location was also part of my Ghost Story Caught on Camera. I am not sure if this episode is still being aired but if it is you will hear it as though I am the newbie and the person doing this with me is the one who is experienced and it’s actually the opposite, but you know, Hollywood. 

My husband and I had been invited by a group to be part of the investigation. My husband and I used to do a podcast called, Your Life Matters with Jenn and Steve and I had invited the team to be a guest on the show. The night we were invited we were at the hospital since my daughter was giving birth. Things started to happen that night that we couldn’t explain or had time to really think about. The moment the call came in for the investigation, we were also told by the nurse at the hospital that we could go see everyone. As we began to walk in the direction of the room the elevators opened, the door opened and not one person walked through the door or got off the elevator. 

The first time I had investigated Blackford County Hospital was in November of 2009. It was cold that year and we were told to dress in layers since the building had no electricity and no running water. We were told we would be using a generator to run any equipment that the group had. 

I was excited to take part in this and to learn what I could. I was very open-minded about this investigation and wasn't sure what to expect. As I talk about different rooms and experiences if I have a photo I will share that. There are a couple of photos that I won’t be able to share but I can explain them.

This is what the front of the building looked like at about 3 pm in the afternoon. What I will say is although it’s light outside, the inside in different areas of the building is not. At 3 pm in the afternoon, regardless of the season you need a flashlight. The feeling with this location is different during the day than it is at night.

First I need to say this was no longer a working hospital. This location had been sold and at one time had been used by different types of businesses. Even the State Police had used different rooms for training. Schools had rented rooms to use as a classroom. With a little yardwork and some cleanup on the inside it could have been a working hospital again.

Some of the claims that we were told about this location were:

  1. Someone was buffing the floors and was scraping blood from the floor when the razor blade he was using popped out of his hand and landed below his eye. This same person was buffing the floors on another day and saw a dark shadow and could not move and this shadow was coming towards him, when he was able to move, he left the building, his tools, etc. and never came back.
  2. Music would be heard from a radio (I do have a photo) but there was no power.
  3. People claimed a tv would turn on, again, no power.
  4. The owner thought his son was haunting the location

There are other claims that have been made but I am not going to go into those claims. What I do know is when I was trying to find information about this location before we started filming, not one person wanted to talk about this location. I was being sent from one person to the next. The library had some information but not a lot. This land was donated so a hospital could be built. It was built onto over time, and you would think there would be a lot of information about how this first hospital was donated and how it grew. But, no, there was not a lot of information. 

The owner’s daughter arrived to show us around. She said to make sure that the door is propped open because there is only one way to get in and that is with a key, you can leave but you can’t enter. Since there was no running water we would need to go to the gas station that wasn’t far to go to the bathroom. The owner’s daughter would not go in the building by herself, she had too many things happen to her while in there. She claimed that while pregnant she was standing on a stool to change a light or to do something with the exit signs when another person who was with her saw a dark shadow coming towards them and she pulled her down from the stool and told her to run. This would be the shadow that the worker saw and the shadow that we would eventually see. She also claimed that a minister walked through the building (at one time they were trying to give this away) and when he came out he said he didn’t want the building because she knew what was in there. 

The team began bringing in the equipment and once that was in we began the tour. This place had so many doors and different parts of the hospital. I think I could have used a GPS to figure out which part I was in, there were some parts that did have black mold, so we didn’t investigate those areas as much which is probably why I am not familiar with them.

As we began walking down the first hallway I was listening and really taking it all in, what things looked like, the sounds, the smells, just really attuning myself to the rooms and hallways. When I got to the end of the hallway I had a feeling of dread, I knew there was a connection to me and that something was going to happen in six months and there was also a child under the age of six. I quickly put this aside and just continued on with the tour. (below is a photo that connects with this) Keep this in mind as we continue because I will share how this ties in.

This is one of the rooms in the front and is part of the hallway I am talking about where I had the thoughts and feelings.

This is something that was in one of the rooms and we saw it in this spot when we did the walk through but when we walked around again to set up equipment this had been moved towards the door to where you had a hard time getting inside. I will share another story of where something was moved later.

Finally, the tour was finished, and we began the long process of setting up the equipment. I didn’t know how to do any of this, but I still pitched in to help where I could. The guys part of the team knew exactly what they needed and where, so I walked around with another team member and took pictures while I still had daylight. While we were walking around the electric panel boxes were open and we were shutting them. We met my husband Steve in one of the hallways and he asked if they were open or closed and we explained that we were closing them, so no one ran into them. What we didn’t hear at the time but did hear when the audio was played back about this situation was “Look in the camera.” This voice was a deep males voice and a voice we would hear again later on at another investigation that took place here.

Pictured above is the radio that some said they heard playing. I do know that you could hear music in this building. There was music that wasn’t current that you heard but I know it didn’t come from this radio since there was no electricity. 

Pictured above is a janitors closet, this is located in the kitchen area. During this first investigation some of the crew was going to take a break, meaning going to the bathroom and to get something to eat. Some of us stayed there and when we went to command center (place where all of the equipment was located) as we watched the screen and cameras we saw something activated in this room. There was something that would light up if someone was speaking. There wasn’t anyone that we could see in this room, some of us went to investigate but as soon as we got there it stopped. While I am talking about the kitchen I will share what also happened that same night in the kitchen.

Here is one photo of the kitchen, I do have a lot of photos, but I will share this one and the dining room since it connects but in this room there is a walk-in refrigerator and the first time we were there I knew there was something in this space. There were three of us investigating the top level and I just kept being pulled to the kitchen, I had no clue why I just knew that we needed to be there so we went, I kept saying there was something in there, I could feel it, I could hear it, Steve, thought I might have been picking up the group and I said to him, “You aren’t listening!” when I said that this tall shadow went into the walk in refrigerator that was open. He saw it and understood what I was picking up. 

The next thing that happened in this space on the first investigation was that every time we walked past the kitchen if the owner’s daughter was with us, you would hear a man cussing. For whatever reason he didn’t care for her at all. We wouldn’t know this at the time but would hear this on the recorders. 

At another investigation at this same location the recorder that was in this room sitting on the table that you see was shut off and erased. There were two people, me being one of them and a fellow investigator who saw this being turned on, said what room it was, and we left. This will not be the first time something like this has happened in other investigations, but it was the first time it happened here. If a spirit doesn’t want you to see them or hear them they can and will move equipment and turn things off. 

This is the dining room, next to the kitchen, this room always smelled like pancakes. Every single person w ho came into this room said the same thing.

This is one of the rooms that we used to keep our equipment. This was from the first investigation and on the other side of this room is where other equipment was placed. 

This room is what we called the records room, because of the filing cabinets. There was another room connected to this one that had additional filing cabinets. The reason why you give rooms a name is because when you listen back to a recorder you need to know what room you are in for any evidence that you find.

In this room during the first investigation some of us would take pictures throughout the night. You might take one picture and the picture would be black even with a flash and then the second picture that you take could be very bright. This would happen a lot in this building and other locations. But you never just take one photo, you don’t know what you will capture.

This is also the room where I asked about something that happened to one of our investigators. It was in July, and this was one of the weirdest experiences I had ever had, I have seen water on floors due to rain, etc. but I have never in my life seen walls, floors and ceilings sweating when there was no rain, and it wasn’t even that hot. But on this night it was and as the night went on it got worse. There were some kids who were hanging around and the guys were taking a break to go outside and tell them they couldn’t be there. As they did that, I and 2 other investigators were going to the front of the building. My phone was ringing, and I was trying to get to it, I knew who it was without even having my phone. I left the other two investigators in the hallway as I made my way to where my phone was located. I missed the call, but it was the owner’s daughter. Normally she would investigate with us, but because she was pregnant I asked her not to do so, I did call her back and she said she had just woken up from a bad dream and wanted to make sure I was okay, I reassured her I was. At this same time one of the investigators felt like a small child was trying to hold onto her legs to walk. Later on, that evening I would ask if the child was in the room who did this and the same voice that we have heard on every investigation said, “No, it was me.” It wasn’t a child but a man pretending to be a child had grabbed the investigators legs.

Another part of the records room

This was an interesting spot to be, a couple of things took place at this nurse’s station. The first time we were here there were four of us who were sitting on the desk, no flashlights were on, no cameras were on, no nothing. We were just sitting and listening, what I don’t have a picture of is the wooden table that was not far from where we were sitting. Out of nowhere there was a ball of light that came up out of this table and dissipated. We were all shocked! It was the wildest thing ever. I wish I could say I have seen this happen again, but I haven’t, not at any other investigation have I seen something like this happen. This place was different from any other place we have investigated, team members voices would be mimicked. Some would see someone who they thought was a team member coming towards them when they were in fact on a different level only to be seen a few minutes later coming from another level. In this same room later on during the night the owner’s daughter, myself, two other investigators and her cousin were again listening for any sounds in the hallway or coming from this room. I was standing by the door with the owners daughter, she was wearing a vinyl vest, I don’t remember the color, my hands full of equipment and someone who we couldn’t see ran their hand down the back of her vest. She was freaked out! I was surprised that it happened right next to me. She thought I did it but there was no way I would have or could have done that. 

It was also in this hallway where other team members would see something jump off of my back and run away. It was as if they were just going for a ride as if you were giving a piggyback ride to a child. 

This is the old boiler room, in this room they had the old breakers, there was another one outside that was locked but this one at different times it would sound as if someone was flipping the switches. This is also next to the room where the washer and dryer sat. 

The nurses used to stay at the hospital, they would work so many days and then go home. One day Steve and I were taking photos. We were in this area, and he took a photo of the washer and dryer area and then I took one, my photo had nothing, but his photo had a nurses silhouette. We tried to recreate this but couldn’t. we tried blowing it up but no matter what we did the photo remained the same. If you watch the show they want me to talk about it as if I took the photo of the nurse but that’s not what happened, but, again, Hollywood. 

Other things that took place in the washer/dryers area are the following: 

As Steve and I were taking pictures we heard running down the hallway. There was no way of getting out the door of this hallway, there was a log chain on the doors. There was no other way in or out of this area. No other person was seen, there was no place to hide.

Another thing that took place in this area was when four of our investigators was in the washer/dryer area, two was on one side of the wall and the other two were standing on the opposite side. One of the investigators heard a thump and she thought the person next to her had done it, he said he thought it was her, when they realized neither had made the sound she moved to the other side of the room with the other investigators. 

This area of the hospital was part of the nursery, there were other beds in here, but this is just one that I have a photo of in this room. Throughout the investigations that we did you would sometimes hear children crying or you would smell bleach or some kind of cleaner. There wasn’t any cleaner in this building, you would find cabinets, paperwork, and furniture but no cleaning supplies. There is another area that was for babies and on one of the investigations we heard the number 4 when we asked a question, this wasn’t what we heard from a recorder this was something we heard with our ears. 

This is a photo of the upstairs; this is the area where I first knew there was something in the kitchen and we needed to be there. This place had so much activity. You would hear the elevator rattling as if someone was coming up or going down, but it didn’t work. You would leave the room to go see what was going on at the end of the hall and you would hear noises in this room.

During one investigation one of our members was feeling something pass behind him, luckily we have that on camera. It was pretty cool to see something like that. 

While we were filming “My Ghost Story” when we first did the walk through there were no chairs in the hallway, when we came up to film there was a chair in the hallway. Also, while we were filming the B roles there was activity taking place and it was during the day. I felt someone playing with my hair, we heard growls throughout the building, the cameras stopped working even though they were fully charged. The cameraman wouldn’t walk the building alone, we walked with him and never finished filming all of the scenes. 

The last thing that happened upstairs on the last investigation we ever did at this location was when a piece of wood was lying on the floor, and we saw it start to move and then shoot across the floor. It was the coolest thing to see.

This is the hallway form upstairs

Here is another view of the hospital. As you can see it’s not in bad shape and while it looks peaceful on the outside the inside tells a different story.

I am going to share a few more things about this investigation. At the end of the first investigation that took place here, we were all siting in the hallway, the owner’s daughter was talking about her brother being killed by a drunk driver. As she was telling the story there was a ball of light that started at one end of the hallway and ran the length of it and then shot back to the way it came, at this same time a shadow was seen by others. Once again this is something I have never seen happen again at any other investigation.

I said I would come back to what I said at the beginning. Six months after this first investigation we went back for the 2nd investigation. This was in May, and I had walked out onto the porch and said to my husband, “something bad is going to happen by the end of the month.” He never said a word but just looked at me but at this point was pretty used to me saying things that would happen. We arrived at this location and was waiting for the rest of the team to show up. There were certain things that I heard outside, and I understood what those sounds meant but wasn’t connecting them to what was to come. At some point during this investigation one person was asking questions, another was wearing a headset that allowed you to hear things that you couldn’t hear with your human ears, and I had a K2 meter and some other equipment in my hands. The K2 meter started to light up and go back and forth really fast, this either works or it doesn’t work at investigations. My left hand was frozen, and I couldn’t move it and it was also tingling. I was fascinated with what I was seeing, trying to make sense of why I couldn’t move my hand and why it was tingling. This would continue for a couple of minutes. When the questions stopped so did the K2 and I could move my hand, but the tingly feeling was still present. The person who had the listening device said, “the name I hear is Michael.” My response was, “the only person I know by that name is my cousin.” The next day my mom called and said my cousin Michael had passed away. The connections: he was my family, he had a child, a son, under the age of 1 and it was 6 months later. It was this investigation that forced me to accept that I was a psychic medium. 

There is so much more I could share about this place. Most people think things only happen when you do an investigation but that’s not true, things will happen before an investigation as well as after.  If you are an investigator think about the struggles you had getting to a location or things that were odd that happened on your way home. There is a connection and sometimes it’s why things start to happen at our homes or in our dreams before, during and after investigations. 

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