Witchy Wellness | Spiritual Immune System

Witchy Wellness | Spiritual Immune System

Hello again-

So! How has 2023 been treating ya?

I spent pretty much all of January dodging Covid, which had infected two members of our household. I was holding on strong- washing my hands to the point of cracking and sanitizing every square inch till our home was left in a permanent fog of Lysol. But just as the final test came out negative, another affliction arrived- the good ol’ fashioned stomach flu. Unfortunately we all got hit with this one.

This got me thinking about my 23 Witchy Goals for 2023. Health was a major focus for that list. And after spending a month hyper-aware of my body and its immune system- I began to look at my spirituality with the same lens.

Thus is my theme for this upcoming Imbolc Season- Witchy Wellness.

Typically during Imbolc, I do what most others do- go inward, rest and prepare for the coming of Spring. But now I’m looking at this season as a time to reinforce my protections on all fronts- not just the physical. I want my spirit to be able to fight off outside attackers the way my body does when it’s fighting off a virus. Our immune system is adaptive. It recognizes the antigens, then activates and mobilizes to attack and kill them. It’s innate- our little but mighty cellular army.

So how can we create a spiritual immune system?

The first step is identification. What is attacking you spiritually? Is it spiritual warfare from an outside entity or psychic attack? Is it more internal like negative self talk or thought patterns? Is it a bad habit which doesn’t serve you? Or is it
symptomatic of life such as stress and anxiety?

The next step is to activate and mobilize- aka antibody army. When an antigen comes into contact with a B cell (a type of white blood cell), it causes the B cell to divide and clone, releasing millions of antibodies into your blood and lymph stream. Each antibody is shaped to lock onto the specific shape of the antigen, thereby engulfing and destroying them.

So let’s take a very common example- stress. Something in life happens which triggers stress within us. We know this
“antigen” all too well. We need an antibody specifically shaped to lock onto this stress antigen and destroy it. For me, this is
breathwork. Sometimes when I’m stressed I forget how to breathe. Stress likes to lie to us and tell us our problems are bigger and grander than what they really are. Deep centering breaths help to bring me back to reality. And -no surprise here-
journaling allows me to put my stress out on paper (or on my phone) so that I can clearly see exactly what is causing the stress and how to deal with it. My stress antigen is shaped like a huge blob of scattered mess. My antibodies contain the blob and cleans up the mess. Simple and easy to rely on instinctively. Boom- immune system activated.

Now stress can be a seasonal type of antigen much like allergies. But occasionally we might get hit by something stronger- like psychic attack or a negative entity aka a virus. If you’ve ever experienced a psychic attack, you know the symptoms-
depleted energy paired with self doubt, feeling emotionally and physically ill, being hit with a series of bad luck and flooded with hopelessness. This calls for the trifecta- a good cleanse, protection wards and a blessing. Make this a regular part of your spiritual hygiene. Over time, your astral immune system will be so strong it’ll work to block these attacks without your conscious knowledge of it.

This is a major focus for me personally. I admit, motherhood has made me slack on some of the basic parts of my practice. But cleansings, protections and blessings don’t have to be drawn out and complicated. Along with more heavy duty sanitizers, vinegar has become my best friend this past month. It’s not only a great household cleaner but it’s also a fantastic spiritual cleansing and protection spray. I also like to sing little nursery rhymes/blessings over my baby as we sound cleanse with her rattle. What looks mundane on the outside could hold a world of magick within.

What do you do to support your spiritual immune system? And what is your focus for this Imbolc season? Is Witchy Wellness something you’re interested in exploring? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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