Thoughts on the Expert Witch

Something that has been on my mind lately has been the idea of an “expert witch”. We’re advised to check their references as if being a knowledgeable witch requires a resume in order to be taken seriously.

In my opinion- when someone new to the craft is studying, it’s not about finding the “reputable” witch who can be considered a verified expert on witchcraft.

To me, spirituality is a deeply personal and subjective experience.

There is no one right answer. The right answer for one witch could absolutely contradict the right answer for another- yet both are still “right” because it was right for them at that point in their practice.

Every piece of information you come across is a key. The question is- does that key work with your door?

We all know that moment. It’s like we unlock something within us- an understanding that not only makes sense but also inspires the search for the next key.

Witchcraft isn’t a standardized test. The only “wrong” thing you could do is be inauthentic to who you are and what you truly believe in.

We are batteries. Certain mentalities increase our frequencies and others decrease them. The frequencies which radiate from our bodies when we are at a state of peace and ease travels farther and with more power than if we are riddled with self doubt and inauthenticity. These energetics are actually something that can be measured and scientifically proven. Our energetic source simply functions more effectively this way which provides our spells with optimum force.

If you truly believe that certain color correspondences enhance your magick, practice that way. The correspondence is for your brain and your brain only. In my opinion, self ease and self trust is both the hardest part of the craft and also- the most rewarding and liberating once achieved.

And that’s not to say self trust and self ease is a one and done achievement. It’s a constant dance within ourselves. Holding on to it is part of the challenge, so instead of fighting the currents it’s best to ride them.

So if you are new to witchcraft and don’t know where to start, try working on getting in touch with your intuition. Let that guide you from resource to resource. You don’t have to agree with everything your favorite witchy content creator believes. It’s okay to filter out what doesn’t feel right and it’s also okay to change your mind later. This is your practice. No one has the authority to grade or qualify your spiritual beliefs.



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I believe your write-up to be masterfully done. I enjoyed reading your background although I have heard most of it from you before. I’m so very happy to see you hear and look forward to reading your post. Congratulations!
PS: I can not wait to see the baby in person.


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