The Ultimate Samhain & Halloween Bucket List

The Ultimate Samhain & Halloween Bucket List

It’s here! It’s finally here!

For most witches, the month of October holds a very special place in our hearts. But 31 days is just simply- not enough!

Every year I try to absorb as much as I possibly can of this truly magickal season. Something that helps me take advantage of each precious day is an October Bucket List. You can find a ton of these on Pinterest; and while I adore my fall-loving muggle mates- their lists lack a certain witchy flavor.

In this month’s blog, I’m sharing my ultimate Samhain & Halloween Bucket List complete with all the wonderful basic PSL vibes you’d expect to find- but also a hefty sprinkle of seasonal magick.

Here are a few of my faves from the list.


Get ready for the Witch’s New Year with a little witchy deep clean & declutter.

Before I even think about decorating- I like to pop on Practical Magic, roll up my sleeves and give my space a good deep clean & declutter. Most of us witches can tend to become little pack rats, accumulating a bunch of witchy “stuff”. I’m guilty of this as well. But what’s the use of collecting all these wonderfully magickal things if we never actually use them? They become pretty little dust catchers and offer very little to our practice.

Below is a video I created to help streamline my apothecary and practice.


Decorate your altar for Samhain

Who doesn’t love a good Samhain altar? One of my favorite things to do is watch Samhain Altar Tours on YouTube for a little motivation & inspiration. But one thing to remember is that your altar is a reflection of who you are and your current state in life. It can also reflect how you desire your life to be or what kind of magick you hope to practice this season. For example, I crave peace and simplicity. My practice in this season of life as a new mother is very minimal, focusing on simple magick over complicated spellcrafting. So I’m taking a very clean and simple approach to my Samhain altar.


Visit the cemetery & leave gifts to the deceased.

This is obviously the time of year when we honor the dead, but we usually only focus on our own dearly departed. Is it just me, or does anyone else get really sad when you visit a loved one’s grave and you notice their neighbor’s gravestone is empty and overgrown with weeds. This year, when I visit my grandpa’s grave- I plan on honoring the dead surrounding him by leaving little gifts like tokens, flowers or crystals on their headstones.


Make Magick Mallow S’mores

I love a bit of kitchen witchery- particularly when it involves chocolate. So what makes these ‘mallows so magickal? Before roasting, paint symbols or words of power with a fine-tip brush and chocolate hazelnut spread. You could even paint your desires by mixing a bit of vanilla extract with some food coloring. What I love about this spell is that it is so customizable. Just change up the graham cracker or chocolate flavors depending on what you’re trying to manifest. You could even
take it a step further and make your own marshmallows, further infusing them with your intention. Click this link to get the full recipe.


Reap the bounty of your harvest. Soak in all of your abundance.

This one is very special to me. Particularly because motherhood has flipped my life upside down. I tried to prepare myself as much as I possibly could during pregnancy, but honestly- nothing could prepare me for these past few months. From sleepless nights to endless bottle washing to a painful pumping journey- motherhood is not for the weak. And on the really hard days, it can feel like I’m
slowly but surely losing myself. I think it’s important not to bypass these “less than positive” feelings because this is the unspoken truth of motherhood. But I can honor these emotions while still remembering how truly blessed my life is at the moment. All I wanted throughout my pregnancy was a healthy, happy baby. And now I have her. She is the bounty of my harvest. So this Samhain, take a moment to acknowledge and give gratitude for your own abundance.

What do you have on your Samhain & Halloween bucket list? Leave a comment and share some of your own ideas!

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