The Magick of Eggshells

As witches, I think it’s safe to say we have… interesting homes.

Our shelves are typically filled to the brim with mysterious curio. I always find it so funny to see my friends and family’s reactions to my shelves. The first question they ask is… “What’s up with the eggs?”

I usually have 2-3 bowls of drying egg shells front and center on one of my witchy shelves. Whenever I crack an egg open for breakfast, I rinse it out and let it dry for a bit before transferring it to one of my egg bowls. I’ll let them hang out there, piling up until it looks like the Jenga-style egg tower is about to collapse. Then on a relaxing afternoon, I’ll gather them up to be ground in my kitchen molcajete, always in a clockwise motion as I concentrate on the energies and frequencies of protection. In this moment, I honor and give thanks to the chicken- an archetype of the Divine Feminine who has blessed my family and home with her nourishing eggs. And let me just say, if you’re a fan of ASMR- this grinding meditative process gives all the witchy tingles!

I like to make egg shell grounds as opposed to powder, simply because I prefer to store them in their preliminary magickal state which has a baseline of protection. Then upon spellcasting- they can be ground even further and imbued with more specific intention.

Eggs are a very important part of my practice and heritage. If you’re Hispanic, you might be familiar with limpia con huevo- spiritual egg cleansings. I remember sitting at my grandma’s kitchen table, watching her rub an egg, wrapped in her rosary, up and down the body of someone plagued with illness or mal de ojo. They’d face the wall where her crucifix hung as she whispered prayers over them- pulling out the negativity.

I also find eggshells to be very grounding and use them to create protective, anchoring circles for spellwork during rocky astrological climates such as retrogrades or unavoidable hostile transits. And of course, there’s the most popular use of egg shells- cascarilla powder: egg shells ground into a fine powder and mixed with a bit of flour and hot water, then shaped and dried to create a chalk-type of consistency.

Our kitchens are filled with magickal ingredients disguised as mundane. The beauty of folk magick is its accessibility, particularly to practitioners with limited means.

Forage from your cupboards, your fridge, your pantry.

Ask yourself- which ingredients do you love to cook with? Maybe you’re drawn to them for a reason. Maybe there’s some synchronistic secrets to be found within these ingredients. Secrets which could reveal who you are as a witch, or rather the witch you’re meant to be.

Food for thought, so to speak.









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That was so beautiful.

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