Hearth Harvesting

In the Magick of Eggshells post, I asked you to take a peek into your kitchen to discover the magickal within your mundane. Here are a few of my favorites.


My husband often surprises me with a bouquet of flowers- a sweet gesture of love and a wonderful
source of magickal ingredients. My collection includes whole rose buds of varying colors and piles upon piles of rose petals. But possibly my favorite part of this harvesting is finding those rare thorns the florist had not snipped off. When I clip the thorns, I like to keep the stem still attached and lay them out to dry even further before transferring them to my jar.

Thorn magick is notorious for protection- after all, thorns are meant to be a form of protection for plants. Because these roses were gifted to me with love, I think the thorns I harvested are imbued with a loving and nurturing protective essence much like the protective nature of a mother or a spouse- instinctively fierce but from a place of the Divine Feminine.

Over the past year, I’ve been working to develop a stronger relationship with my ancestors- especially my great, great grandmother. In my family’s curanderismo tradition, malefic magick is not acceptable. No judgment to any witches who cast hexes or curses. I am a big believer in- to each their own. But that type of magick is just something my family does not do. I learned this the hard way when I tried my hand at it and the energetics backfired majorly.

However I found my thorns are the loophole. When used in a way that is protective and shielding, especially with issues regarding family- a thorn in the side of an aggressor or predator has the full green light from the ancestors.


I absolutely love elote! If you’ve never tried Mexican corn on the cob- do it! It’s freakin delicious. There’s not much I like about Texas summers but grilled corn makes it a tad bearable. And although corn shucking can be messy and labor intensive, the gift that comes with those glorious golden kernels is the corn silk hiding beneath the husk.

Simply separate them from the husk and let them dry in a tea towel before storing them away. Medicinally, corn silk can be used to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation. But magickally, I love corn silk for its spirit of abundance. From someone with a serious “lack mentality”shadow, corn silk reminds me that the beauty of prosperity is not only accessible to us all, but it’s also acceptable for me to achieve. Sometimes I can stand in my own way by believing I’m not good enough for financial success or that wealth is the root of all evil based on years of resentment towards the rich. Corn silk is incredibly useful in spells to rewrite these negative thought patterns and open portals to material and spiritual abundance.


Ah, onions and garlic. These two were meant for eachother. Every meal is elevated by the marriage of these two ingredients. And every time I cook with them I reserve their skins for magick. Obviously, when people think of garlic- they think of vampires. Whether or not you believe vampires actually exist, most witches can agree that psychic vampirism is real. There are also certain spirits who are attracted to the energy we raise which is why some opt to cast circles with each and every magickal working. And then there are those icky parasitic energies that can fester within us and spread to others like a virus of negativity.

I’ve found burning garlic and onion skins on a charcoal disc to be particularly helping with clearing this type of energy. As well as adding the skins to a sachet for a spiritually cleansing bath. I’ve also wrapped the skins within a petition for protection against energetic predators before burning it. My motto for energetic yuckiness is- when in doubt, clear it out.

I hope this gave you some more ideas on how to harvest budget-friendly magickal ingredients from your home.

Happy Harvesting Witches...

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