Connecting through Music

Connecting through Music

Tools Needed:

You and a partner if they’re participating

A mirror if you’re doing spell work alone

Your Playlist

Any magical tools you enjoy using- spell candles, incense, herbs, crystals etc

Your favorite foods

Grace towards yourself and the process 

Your Intentions

A sense of humor


Music plays a VERY important role in my practice. As a dancer and daughter of a former party dj I can’t stop myself from moving when an infectious beat starts. Music can also play a significant role in being intimate with ourselves or partner(s) too, so why not incorporate the two to make conjuring up magic more fun?

I like to start by curating a playlist that my partner and I like. I have a tendency to make a playlist of songs that get ME in a certain mood, but can forget about my partners tastes along the way. My partner is a chaos gremlin and just plays music then adjusts the que as he sees fit.  This is a great time to be intimate with your partner without being physical. Take time to sit together and go through songs that emulate the mood or goal you’re trying to conjure up. If you’re rocking things solo like me most of the time (damn you long distance relationship!!) put together a playlist that does the same as above. The goal is to put together something that makes everyone feel amazing so you can work your magic. 

I find the best way to get things going is by playing my music while I’m setting things up.  You’ll be sharing a meal with your partner and cooking while listening to music always makes things taste better. What you decide to cook or order is up to you, if you’re just going to be cuddle bugs while you whisper to each other what goals you are working towards and how you plan on doing so go for a huge meal. If you plan on being more physical with your partner a lighter meal might be more appealing. 

While enjoying your meal , connect with yourself and your partner. I’m a pomp and circumstance kinda gremlin, so I LOVE candles, flowers, my favorite dinnerware, and that nice ass tablecloth I never use. Pull ALL that shit out so I can feel like a fancy Witch while I make the best kind of magic.  If you’re more a minimalist all you really need is whatever foods you plan on sharing, your partner, and your music.  Talk about the magic you want to make together, this can feel a little stiff at first especially if you and your partner aren’t used to practicing together, but this is where having grace for yourself and the process and a sense of humor come in. This doesn’t have to be formal if you don’t want it to be. My partner and I have been working on feeling more connected to each other so that we can be better parents. Sometimes I need a hell of a lot of magic to achieve that goal and humor helps with the process. Now would also be a great time to write a petition to whomever you’re asking for assistance in achieving your goal. If you’re doing this solo, speak to yourself in the mirror. It can feel really silly at first, but take a deep breath and proceed with the process. Laugh at yourself along the way as needed. 

After dinner and drinks get physical with each other. You can start by looking into each others eyes and appreciating the human that’s in front of you, say whatever you’d like to each other to solidify these feelings. Let nature take its course however you see fit. Sometimes I want to burrow in blankets with my partner and speak into existence what we want while the candles burn around us and the music dictates the mood. Other times I want to get completely wild with my partner while we push each others limits (consensually of course!) then collapse into a swath pile of limbs, sweat, exhaustion, and euphoria. Whatever road you take, have fun with the process and sing along as you see fit. 


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