Services Our Team Provides

Below you wil find a list of our team members and the services they provide. These services are their own and while some of our team members may choose to offer Sabbath Social Members discounts, they will collect the entire payment for said services. Please take a gander at the service lists below and feel free to follow each team member's link to learn more.


BlueNightt (he/her/they/them) is a practicing witch of almost 20 years. He grew up in midwestern Appalachia in a small village in southern Ohio. Though BlueNightt was not raised as a witch he believed in magick for as long as he can remember. Growing up surrounded by the spirits of the land, sky and sea, he was often visited by strangers no one else seemed to experience. Now as an adult he serves his community by offering services and entertainment via vidoes and visual works of art through his social medias and websites.

BlueNightt's Links

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BlueNightt offers various types of readings including "Pay Per Card" readings via email which you can find here.

He also provides free readings biweekly on his youtube show "Drunken Divinations" which you can find here.

Officiant Services

BlueNightt is ordained and can preform various rituals for you in person! Click on the various types of ceremonies you'd be interested in to learn more!

House/Office Cleansing


Witching Ceremony

Celebration of Life

Magikal Merch

BlueNightt has his own brand in which he can make custom apparel and wears! His shop Cunning Owl Creations also offers tools, crystals, herbs, books, and everything else you need to start your path!

Don't forget to check out his Custom Book of Shadows that he makes by hand!

Cris Ashburn

Cris is an Ancestral Priestess, Medium, Mentor, Healer, Guide, and Witch.

From a place of compassion, grounding, insight, and honesty, Cris provides a sacred space for those who are going through various kinds of transition in life. A bridge between worlds, she reconnects the living with their ancestral roots through sessions, ceremonies, readings, and mentorship.

With 25 years of practices under her belt, she has learned through many healing methods, ceremonial oaths, and rites of passage. As a medium and a generational witch, she has worked hand in hand with the spirit world since she was a child. As an adult, she uses all of these blessed experiences to assist you in building, embracing, and nurturing your own spiritual traditions and innate gifts.

Cris' Website

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Monday Morning Divination

Come hang out with us Every Monday Morning and pull cards for the coming week! You may pull cards for yourselves, the group, or anything else that guides you. Many people use this as a weekly check in and write their readings down in a journal. Attendance is FREE!!

Please click Here to RSVP

Death Tents

Journey to spend time with your ancestors during this ceremonial gathering.

Death Tents are bi monthly, ancestor-focused and provide the chance to deepen your relationships with the spirit world.

Done within a liminal space, this ritual is a callback to the drummings Cris grew up with as a kid. They are very dear to her. This powerful event has been a massive influence in her life and it is a major reason why she is so rooted in her spirituality today.

Click Here to learn more about Death Tents.

Healing Rites

More information to come.

Courses and Classes

Coming soon...


Michelle is a psychic empath, healer, and teacher joyfully dedicated to using her spiritual gifts to help guide people out of stuck, repetitive patterns and into their power! For the past 30 years, she has been exploring what it means to be human across cultures, fusing ancient and modern wisdom. She knows for certain we can choose the energetic frequencies we live in. By bridging the physical and non-physical dimensions, she teaches tools, practices, and life hacks that ease the intensity of a noisy, abrasive world so you can get unstuck, identify your heart’s path, and follow it! We need guidance to navigate this 21st Century lifestyle and she is thrilled to be a Guide! From individual coaching sessions to classes, workshops, and radio programs, she has shared knowledge with thousands of people. Are you next??

Michelle's Website

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Soul Sessions

We are born of Stars! EVERYTHING is ENERGY!

Miracles, synchronicity, quantum shifts. Even if we can’t see it, we can definitely feel it. There is SO much to experience here in Earth School…and this is where I play!

I specialize in tuning you to the invisible energetic framework that supports your life (and ALL life here on Earth). When you know how to use energetic tools and techniques to influence your life, you can transcend monotony by turning ordinary moments into opportunities for the extraordinary!

Let me guide you into the mysterious and unseen world of energy on Earth. As things shift in magical ways on this playground, your life gets more interesting!

Click Here to learn more!

Private Sessions

Click Here to learn more!

I Matter Subscriptions

In this focused time together we’ll work to clear stuck places in your life, align you with a compelling future vision, and set you up with tools to help you get there! You’ll receive:

• 2 Soul sessions with Michelle monthly
• Email/text access with Michelle
• Custom essential oil blend
• Crystal/rock chosen for you!

Click Here to learn more!

Trish Perna

I am Trish Perna. I am a practicing pagan witch  and I live in St. Paul Minnesota with my newly retired husband.  I am an artist, a writer, a small business owner, and a vlogger. I have a YouTube channel called BeanbagHagWag where I share my self care and spiritual practices, and my crazy, busy, magical life. I love to celebrate everything! Come celebrate with me!

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Crooked Cane Designs

Art and Spiritual Supplies