Energy Alchemy

About The Instructor

Hello all you beautiful Witches and open heart and mind beings!

My Witch name is Honey Owlet Moon, but now you'll know my stage name is Shahana Moon. I'm that Eclectic Shimmy Witch from way up north. I was born and raised in the interior of Alaska and wouldn't have it any other way. I love the land and yes, the cold crisp air, snow and our short, but magical 


I've been connecting to my witchy side since I was 10ish, when my curiosity was ignighted by a little movie called "The Craft". This led to chanting in the woods, reading books and candles, oh my! I do have to say though, that feeling of being limited in my craft, by what others thought and some books said, was crushing sometimes. 

Luckily finding witches who inspired me to be true and stop limiting myself was groundbreaking in setting myself up for success. So thank you and remember, you never know who you may inspire to free themselves.

I may be obsessed with stones, candles and color magick, but with grounding through dance and movement, came a new level of self awareness that I didn't know I needed.

I started taking Middle Eastern Dance (Belly Dance) classes about 15 years ago with my belly mamma/ mentor Chandani who introduced to me the art of Energy Alchemy, even though she didn't refer to it as such.

I've continued to dance and soon found new family in a dance troupe. 

Even though I felt like I was growing as a performer, instructor and choreographer, I felt like I needed to challenge myself further. As you might know, in order to grow we need to let go sometimes. This is when I decided to leave the troupe in good hands and venture off in a new direction. This move led me to my recent mentor Ansuya Rathor; an original Belly Dance Superstar and beautiful human being.

Since starting this new venture, I have earned my certification in Zills as a Zill Master and American Cabaret with Ansuya. I really enjoyed taking her workshops and looking to further my knowledge and skills through her online forums and an in- person Goddess Retreat I'm really proud to be attending this May of 2023. 

With a new direction and goals, I also recently started a company with a few dance sisters called Jewels of the North, which gave all of us freedoms we needed and support to shine how we want. 

It's beautiful to think that, as an instructor, what I teach has been taught through generations of dancers. 

* Disclaimer *

All online activities are optional and participation is solely at at the discretion of the individual participent and/ or his/her guardian. Participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance includes a possibility of physical injury and, in rare circumstances, death. It is your responsibility to be aware of your and/or your child's physical limitations and not exceed them. By participating in these activities, the participant and/or his/her guardian agrees to take full legal, medical, and any Other form of responsibility for any injuries incurred, as Shana Richards, Honey Owlet Moon and it's agents shall not be held responsible for any physical or emotional damages incurred during or as a result of such participation. 

Energy Alchemy through Belly Dance 

The single greatest tool you have to create magick is you! 

Sounds familiar, right?! 

If you believe this to be true, then, this series might be beneficial to you. 

Your body, your mind, your spirit, your intention, your 

energy, your creativity, your visualization, you're intuition, 

your power. 

What I call Energy Alchemy through Belly Dance, can unlock, unblock and strengthen ALL of these, so you can better connect to your being and the energies that surround you. 

Through this video series, you will have a glimpse at the vast history of this artform known as Middle Eastern Dance. 

This body positive artform is for everyone at any size, gender, stage of life and from any background. 

Your not going to want to miss grounding exercises such as breathing techniques, safety with posture and the importance of warming up the body. 

From this base with grounded roots you will be able to expand and grow through movement. Yes, you'll learn how to Shimmy! You will learn how to create beautiful shapes, own your space and express your inner story. Of course, it takes practice, patience and grace, but it is something I hope everyone has a chance to try. 

Dance is magick full of endless opportunity! 

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